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Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Looking for the best seo expert in Bangladesh? A1 Technovation is the leading professional SEO agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh with 6 years of expertise in improving search engine rankings. In the context of the Best SEO service in Bangladesh, Our team of skilled SEO professionals implements the latest SEO strategies to boost your website traffic and conversions. We have achieved the Best SEO Company in the World tag for giving proven results to numerous clients across various industries.

About Us

We are A1 Technovaiton. We started our journey since 2018. A1 Technovation is an innovation of Likhon Ahmed, the CEO of this company. We started our company with only professional SEO service in 2018. But now we searving multiple services like Web Development, PPC Ads Campaign, Social Media Marketing, Graphics Design etc. In our entire journey in SEO, We have worked with many reputed  companies in Bangladesh and have gained good knowledge and experience from them. With all the experience We decided to open my own SEO Company in Bangladesh.

Our company has been working as an SEO service Agency in Bangladesh for 6 years. We not only provide our SEO service in Bangladesh but also around the World. If you search Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh on Google search, Our SEO expert profile in Bangladesh is still vastly popular between all the SEO company in Bangladesh. As an SEO service provider in Bangladesh, it’s important to know all about SEO and should have all the SEO skills that the best SEO expert should have in their profile.

I am Likhon Ahmed. My journey as an SEO expert in Bangladesh began when I was 17 years old. I had a dream to become an entrepreneur. After that, I started market research about demanding skills and services in the digital landscape. Then after thorough research, I decided to take SEO as my profession. Because SEO has the most possibilities in the market. SEO is very important for online-based businesses. And I started learning about SEO. Still, now I research about it. Now I can Claim myself as the top SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Semantic SEO
Service Based business SEO
Ecommerce SEO
News/ Magazine SEO
Guest Post & Outreach
Ads Campaign
Social Media Marketing
Content Writing
Artificial Intelligence
WordPress Customization
Graphics Design

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal is to optimize a website and its content to improve rankings so it shows up more prominently when people search for terms related to the products or services offered on that site.

This ultimately drives more organic traffic and results in better conversions. Organic traffic is more valuable since it converts better compared to other traffic sources. Higher website visibility also builds brand credibility and awareness.

SEO can be divided into two key focus areas:

On-page optimization focuses on optimizing individual web pages through tactics like 

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Off-page SEO service optimization focuses on actions taken outside one’s own website to earn high-quality backlinks through strategies like

Combined together, on-page and Off-site SEO services lead to higher rankings, improved visibility in search engines, and increased targeted organic traffic to a website over time. The inbound links also boost domain authority signaling to search engines that the site is an authority people reference.

Professional SEO Services in Bangladesh
Importance Of Professional SEO Services in Business

A1 Technovation White hat SEO expert service is crucial for any business with an online presence. Investing in SEO should be a top priority for long term sustainable growth. Here’s why:

Our Boost website traffic with SEO service can skyrocket your site traffic from search engines like Google. Most people don’t go past the first few links on any SERP. By ranking higher, your website will pull in exponentially more relevant organic traffic over time. More traffic to your site directly impacts business revenue and growth.

The inbound visitors from SEO convert better since they are actively looking for your products or services. By gaining more targeted visitors, SEO improves conversion rates as those visitors have higher intent and are more likely to buy or use your services.

Ranking on the first page for your focus keywords also lifts brand visibility and authority. As search engines recommend more authoritative and trustworthy sites higher, you build credibility. This positions you as an industry leader.

SEO helps you pull away from rivals in organic search results. Outranking competitors means their potential customers who search relevant terms will find your business instead of your competition. This takes away their potential business giving you a competitive advantage.

Unlike paid ads that stop working after you stop paying, SEO delivers long term sustainable traffic since rankings stick provided optimization efforts continue. The impact on traffic, revenue and authority can last for years cementing the foundation for long term goals.


In short, SEO pulls in targeted visitors, drives conversions by improving relevance, lifts brand authority and gives you an ongoing competitive advantage compared to rivals. That’s why it is vital for sustained business growth in the digital marketplace.

Popular SEO Services at A1 Technovation

Check out the most popular professional SEO services our top agency offers for guaranteed rankings and visibility lift

On-Page SEO Service

On-page SEO includes optimizing individual web pages through tactics targeting both search engine crawlers as well as human visitors. Our experts will:

Off Page SEO Service

Off-page SEO services focus on building authority and reputation through external signals. The main tactic Off-page optimization services involve link-building from reputable websites. If you are looking for an Off-page SEO company or agency A1 Technovation is the best SEO specialist for you. Here’s Our data driven link building process includes:

Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO closes the gaps in website architecture to facilitate better crawling, indexing and performance metrics. Our experts will ensure:

Local SEO Service

Local SEO targets increasing visibility and engagement for brick-and-mortars in Google Maps and search results for nearby customers. Our proven local SEO tactics include 

Best Keyword Research

The foundation of any effective SEO campaign lies in conducting the right keyword research. Our proprietary methodology perfected over years identifies the lowest hanging fruit targets to go after. We leverage advanced techniques like:

We compile a master list of keywords providing the best SEO ROI for dominating rankings in 2024.

Advance SEO Service at A1 Technovation

Take your online presence to the next level with our Advanced SEO expert in Bangladesh expertise for next-level outcomes:

Ecommerce Product SEO Service

In E-commerce SEO service we specialize in ranking online stores and their products higher through focused on-page and off-page eCommerce product SEO best practices like:

Complete on-site SEO audit of product categories, tags and filters architecture

Semantic SEO Service

Semantic SEO generates improved visibility and traffic through intelligent content optimization. We implement Semantic keywords, schema markup and latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords tactics:

Advantage of Hiring A1 Technovation SEO Expert in BD

A1 Technovation stands out as the most professional SEO agency in Bangladesh for small and large businesses alike looking to expand their organic presence. With over a decade of experience dedicated specifically to ethical search optimization, their seasoned team brings unmatched perspectives perfected across hundreds of clients. Their proprietary strategies focused on long-term traffic and conversion growth have delivered proven results ranked on page 1 in the country’s most competitive sectors.

Specifically, A1 Technovation’s strengths lie in offering complete end-to-end SEO services from conducting in-depth audits identifying promising keyword targets to executing multifaceted campaigns including on-page and off-page optimization. Their SEO consultancy process combines human ingenuity with data intelligence tracking meaningful metrics to maximize positive ROI uniquely tailored to every client’s objectives. Businesses can thus leverage A1’s specialized White hat SEO service skill sets, tools and hands-on dedicated support unavailable otherwise in Bangladesh to cement unmatched authority and visibility over the years. So, in conclusion, the advantages of Hiring a professional SEO Expert in BD make it extremely prudent whether you run a small local outfit or a large e-commerce portal to gain an unfair advantage by leveraging their cutting-edge search innovation.

How We Work: 5 Step

Our proven SEO process delivers reliable and impactful rankings growth in 5 transparent steps

Why Choose Me as SEO Expert in Bangladesh


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My Top SEO Services

SEO Service in BD

I have been Ranking websites in search engines for over 8 years. I provide maximum results for each client and do more than SEO Service in BD.

SEO Consultancy Service

Is the site not coming out in search? No visitors? Loading slowly? I know what to do! I am here to Give You the SEO Consultancy Service in Bd

How We Are The Best SEO Expert in The Bangladesh

No other Bangladesh SEO agency can match our expertise and customer results. Here’s why we are the Top professional SEO expert in Bangladesh for SEO services:

Why A1 Technovation Should Your #1 SEO Choice

After reading so far, these 8 reasons make it clear why A1 Technovation is the #1 SEO expert in BD for reliable SEO services for your Bangladesh business

Get in touch for a free consultation today to kickstart your SEO success journey!

Why Hire A1 Technovation For SEO

When it comes to sustainable search dominance in Bangladesh, A1 Technovation stands best Local SEO expert in Bangladesh with an illustrious decade-long track record. Their strategic optimization techniques have successfully captured page 1 rankings for the country’s most competitive sectors – from leading ecommerce portals to small local outfits. What sets them apart is their blend of human ingenuity and smart data science to identify each client’s most revenue-driving yet untapped keywords based on search metrics and trends.Specifically, A1 Technovation SEO expert team excels on three key strengths: 

best seo expert in bangladesh

Over years, the compounding gains make A1 Technovation the best Digital marketing specialist in Bangladesh for most results-driven SEO partner for unlocking the complete online revenue potential of any Bangladeshi business, whether a global conglomerate or a growing medium enterprise seeking to cement an authoritative market presence leveraging their cutting-edge expertise. So, in conclusion A1 Technovation is the Best Professional SEO Services in Bangladesh.

Our Proven SEO Strategies

best seo expert in bangladesh

SEO Consulting

Professional hourly advice from our SEO experts & Consulting on the withdrawal from sanctions, on geo-strategy and any other issues.

best seo expert in bangladesh

On-Page Optimizations

Search engines use many factors to rank a website, onpage optimization is one of the ranking factor in order to improve your position in search results

Professional SEO Services in Bangladesh

Data Analysis

comprehensive free analysis of sites for a number of important indicators for promoting. It will be useful for both SEO optimizers and website owners.

Professional SEO Services in Bangladesh

Technical SEO

The main areas of SEO- work: Work on the site (content, internal linking, architecture). Work on increasing the popularity of the site (reviews, references, external links)

best seo expert in bangladesh

SEO Strategy Development

SEO strategy is a plan consisting of tasks, the solution of which leads to the designated goal fo Rank in 1st Page in Google

Professional SEO Services in Bangladesh

Technical SEO

The main areas of SEO- work: Work on the site (content, internal linking, architecture). Work on increasing the popularity of the site (reviews, references, external links)

Professional SEO Services in Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions

A1 Technovation is the leading ethical SEO agency in Bangladesh with over a decade of experience in white hat optimization aligned with search engine guidelines.

There are numerous white hat techniques like on-page optimization, quality content creation, backlinking, technical fixes, leveraging social signals etc. that boost rankings legally per guidelines.

White hat uses ethical techniques while black hat uses manipulative shortcuts like keyword stuffing, hidden text, spam links that often get sites banned from search results.

Yes, SEO experts offer specialized skills to boost organic traffic & conversions more cost-effectively long-term unlike paid ads, making them a smart investment.

SEO delivers significantly higher ROI over years for less investment versus Google Ads that stops working after you stop paying, making it more economical.

Yes, most SEO agencies charge monthly retainers because rankings require consistent long term efforts before bearing fruit making ongoing work crucial. 

Done effectively, SEO needs extensive human time, effort and tools over months which translates into higher costs but pays back through long term traffic.

For small firms, professional SEO services cost approximately $750-$2000 monthly based on competition, customization etc, delivering immense value nonetheless.

SEO consultant rates range from $15-45 per hour based on experience levels while agencies charge ~$300 to $1500 monthly for retainers based on expectations & work involved. 

The average return on investment from SEO ranges from $2 to $20 for each $1 spent, with over 2000% returns attributed to long term traffic growth from high rankings.

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