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About The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Who am I?

 The best seo expert in bangladesh
Hello, my name is Likhon Ahmed, and I am the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. I have been working as an SEO specialist for 6 Years now. I have vast experience working as an SEO Expert. When you compare my profile with other SEO Expert profile in Bangladesh, you will know the difference and understand what makes me the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. My journey as an SEO expert in Bangladesh began when I was 17 years old. I had a dream to become an Engineer from my childhood. That’s why, I pursued my study in the Department of CSE. Despite studying computer science, I had a huge interest in the marketing sector. After completing my CSE, I started market research about demanding skills and services in the digital marketing sector. Then after thorough research, I decided to take SEO as my profession. But I don’t plan my SEO strategy like other SEO guys. I follow and research the Google algorithms and Google search engine programs to understand how Google works and what Google wants from a publisher. 
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I follow hundreds of Search Engineering techniques to grow our visibility on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO is very important for online-based businesses. Still, now I research SEO’s mathematical terms and conditions. I work through relevancy and a comprehensive mind map to build a topical Authority. Now, I can Claim myself as the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. When you search in Google with the keyword “BEST SEO Expert in Bangladesh” or “Local SEO Expert” you will see the profiles of lots of SEO experts. But not all can deliver good quality work. However, I am young, which might mean that I am new to this sector with less experience. But the truth is, I have been working in this sector for at least nine years. So basically, I have an experience in Complete SEO with Ppc Ads. Another thing about a young talented Local SEO expert and also SEO Expert in Bangladesh is that I am always updated with all sorts of Google Algorithm Updates done to its search engine.

My methods of working allow me to apply the rules and regulation that is recommended by Google. Doing this allows a website to become a green website. It means the website has a green from Google to go to the first page of Google.

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